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So you know... I'm SUPER picky about who I choose as my students in this program.

I only want action-takers who will follow my lead. If that's you, AWESOME! I can't wait to get started working together!

Talk soon!
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P.P.P.S. If you still have questions, I've likely answered them already in the FAQ section below the order form.
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Still have questions? Here are some ClientsTonight™ FAQs

Q. Not really a question... but another factor I deal with is social skills. I always worry if I can effectively communicate well with clients. That's why phone calls are a NO-NO for me. Some people call themselves introverts and certain methods are suitable for them, but the way I see it... those introverts still seem like extroverts to me... lol.

A. I appreciate the feedback and your honesty. I've also struggled with social skills and anxiety especially when it comes to sales. I hate phone sales and face-to-face sales with a passion. Thats why I created my own way of communicating with clients and closing deals without needing to do any sales calls.

Q. Just to ask and peek a little... what are the usual service(s) you're selling to clients for $2,500/month?

A. The service I'm "selling" is simple... I'm selling them an automated lead-generating machine, or more simply put, I'm selling them an unlimited number of high-quality leads for $2,500/month (plus ad spend).

Q. Can you talk to the clients on the phone for me? Lol just kidding but I really hate talking to people on the phone.

A. Same. Hate it more than anything. Only time I'll ever get on the phone is if they're already sold. I never do ANY sales calls. Back when I sold lumber, I made thousands of cold sales calls and got cussed at more than any one human should ever have to endure in their lifetime. Lol! Never doing that again.

Q. Does this use Facebook Ads? My entire Facebook Business Manager and personal Facebook Ads account got banned.

A. Yes, you will need to use Facebook Ads (and/or Google Ads) to actually generate the leads for the local businesses. I’ll be covering both Facebook Ads and Google Ads because I'm still using both with success. You just get way faster traction with Facebook Ads.

Q. Is this very technical? I'm horrible with anything regarding technology and usually end up on the phone with tech support lol.

A. Not at all. I actually just "hired" my 16-year-old son to do this for me last week. Like, legit "W-2 $10/hour hired" him lol! He'll be going through the ClientsTonight™ System along with the other students to learn how to do this exact same thing. He just turned 16 so he wants a car, a job, freedom, etc. He's been applying at some local stores but hasn't heard back from any yet. So, I'm giving him a "job" in hopes that he realizes it can be a long-term full-time gig for him. The same exact thing my dad did for me, except I was 27 years old, lol!

Q. How much time would be needed on a daily basis to be successful with this do you think?

A. It's a really flexible business. In the beginning, you'll need time to prospect for new clients and some time to set up their lead-gen system. Setting everything up only takes a few hours at the most. And, you only have to do it ONE TIME... and you get to profit from it until they tell you to turn it off (which does happen because they can't handle all the leads you're sending them). I usually tell people a full, distraction-free hour per day is all you need to run this business and earn a really great income from home.

Q. What does that 1 hour per day of work look like exactly? What will I be doing? I'm assuming if we're prospecting, part of that time will be spent emailing potential clients, but what else?

A. Yes, initially the 1 hour per day will mostly be prospecting and emailing. Then, if you get a prospect who's interested, you stop prospecting until you've set up everything for them. That's really it. There's nothing else to this business. Of course, later on, you might want to create some automated funnels to attract and capture interested prospects, like on your own website, social channels, etc. But that kind of stuff definitely is not anywhere on the radar until after you have a comfortable number of paying clients.

Q. I've generally heard managing clients is a headache, they consume your time, they're demanding, etc -- so if you know how to do paid advertising you're better off advertising your own products (or affiliate products). Thoughts?

A. I stayed clear of clients for a long-time because I hate dealing with the typical non-sense that goes along with it. This [The ClientsTonight™ System] is the only way I'll work with clients. It's a WIN-WIN for everyone.

Q. (More of a concern here) Having to essentially do a sales presentation to onboard clients -- even if they're mostly sold, that kind of selling never has been my thing. I'm basically a shy person and dislike one-on-one selling situations. Gives me a pit in my stomach. Thus doing online marketing and affiliate marketing, lol.

A. Dude, I'm exactly the same. I avoided getting on camera for the longest time in my trainings and courses. I still get "stage fright" before every single video I do. I don't do sales presentations for this. If I've done my prospecting properly then I already know they're a perfect fit for what I do. I offer a free trial which makes it super easy for them to try out... no obligations... no strings attached... no up front contracts... just results. I don't do high pressure crap. Never have. Cuz I'm horrible at it lol! If they like the results I give them during the trial (which they usually do), they end up signing themselves up... no selling necessary. You literally become these business owners' lifeline once they see what you can do.

Q. So, we're running successful lead-gen campaigns for local businesses, all for a fixed monthly fee, without reaping the benefits of scaling?

A. This is where most people shoot themselves in the foot and end up losing potential clients trying to structure some kind of incentive-based deal. Don't get greedy. Once these campaigns are running, you literally don't have to touch them again! So, "Scaling" for a local business literally means this: open up your Ads Manager, find the client's campaign, and increase their daily budget. Done, lol! I'm 1,000% serious. That's it. Nothing else needs to change. I helped my friend launch and grow his local business last year. Using my ClientsTonight™ strategy, starting from complete scratch, it's now a multi-million dollar local business and it took less than a year's time. His biggest campaign, the exact same campaign I created when he launched that business, is still sitting at $50/day. FIFTY DOLLARS PER DAY!!! I started it at $10/day and "scaled it" (lol!) up $5 at a time, every month or so. I never touched the campaign ONCE the entire year!

Q. From what I've seen, there are a plethora of agencies and businesses out there hammering local businesses with offers to improve their website, get more traffic, etc... have you seen much competition with what you're doing?

A. I love this question because it makes what I do feel so much better and a million times easier! 99% of agencies/marketers who contact local business owners are making a HUUUGE mistake with their marketing. They're selling the SOLUTION not the RESULT. The language they choose to lead with typically sounds like this... "let me do SEO, let me do AdWords, let me do Facebook". Local business owners don't want any of that crap. For real though, think about it... do you think the majority of local business owners lay in bed at night worrying about finding someone to do SEO or AdWords or Facebook for them? No. What keeps them up at night is wondering if the phone will ring tomorrow and they can potentially make a sale. Read: they want LEADS. So, to answer your question in the longest way possible lol, no I have ZERO competition. There are definitely other guys out there doing what I do but this sector of digital marketing (local lead-gen) has the absolute LEAST amount of saturation. Cuz no one knows how to do it WITHOUT picking up the phone. Which makes it SOOO much easier on us!

Q. How much of this business is reliant on not getting ad accounts banned?

A. Any online business who advertises is taking the risk of getting banned. Here's the thing with this local stuff though... Facebook and Google rarely mess with local business' ads. Mostly because they're running legit businesses that are so far disconnected from the normal gray-area-stuff like weight loss, MMO, etc. The risk of getting an account banned doing this is very small. I've had Facebook ad disapprovals but it was because the form on my site wasn't working right or something similar... but never a complete ban for anything local.

Q. How much money (in addition to the cost of the program) would I need to get this running successfully do you think?

A. As for tools and software, the costs are minimal and it's the usual stuff... domain name, if your client(s) don't want you to use theirs, either a page-builder like Clickfunnels or you can do HTML with hosting, and then another basic online tool which the one I use costs $10/month. As for paid advertising (to attract clients), the ClientsTonight™ System has two training paths. The first path is designed to get you clients as fast as possible for FREE, meaning no advertising on your part to attract and land those clients. The second path will be for advanced people who already have a good client base and want to build an actual agency. So, I'll be including ad training to use to attract clients, the automation setup to close them, etc. If you're interested in building an actual full-blown agency, then you would need money for advertising.

Q. Could I speed up my success using paid advertising at first or do you not recommend it (if not why)?

A. I don't recommend using paid ads to get clients, unless you really, really want to. At least not until/unless you want an actual full-blown agency, with employees and the whole nine yards. If not, paid ads just aren't necessary. Seriously, think about how many $2,500/month clients you need to land in order to earn what you want to earn? An ad campaign is overkill to hit that goal.

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